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Chi Cheng has introduced ERP system, we seek to provide our customers with more competitive prices and create reasonable profits for our cooperative manufacturers through rigorous analysis, testing, training and we are orientating ourselves in a comprehensively integrative services.

We keep seizing any new trends in products and market, also actively introducing new technologies and approaching customers, in addition to upgrade quality in transaction, we also strengthen degrees of terms of trade and credit line management to prevent from any crisis caused on overall operation by abnormal trades to ensure stability behind operation and interests.

Chi Cheng has been committed to strategic partnership with cooperative manufacturers for a comprehensive efficiency from a close network of partners, and consolidate mutual relationship at long-term basis, further create added values jointly, share experiences and grow together for win-win situation. We welcome any quality manufacturers to join with us sincerely for joint efforts!!!

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Company Address:
No.111, Jian 2nd Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Department:Logistic Control   Fax:886-2-2225-6240
Consultation and Categorization of Suppliers Contact person Ext. E-Mail
Plastic Material [email protected] 13192
Non-metallic and metallic hardware materials (aluminum, stainless steel, 洋白板whiteboard, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, nickel plate, magnesium ....) [email protected] 13191
Surface Treatments of metal and plastic/plating/equipment/plating consumables/anode/plastic surface decoration/surface coating [email protected] 17341
Metal Stamping / Plastic Injection [email protected] 17341
Surface Processing by Machines / precision molds/aluminum shell molds/magnesium alloy related industries/mechanical components/electronic components [email protected] 13191
Equipment [email protected] 13191
* If none of any window contact, please contact with Director,His-Juang, Jane