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Following steps of changes in supply and demand on the market, more and more customers require us to enhance from simple single product to finished components introduction; in response to the needs for environment, technology divisions constantly involved in development, including integration of electromechanical and automation facilities of molding on production technology, so as to make all parts in complex and diversified production.
The competitiveness of parts covers low price, high quality, fast delivery and so on, ESI development also is a mission customers have been actively promoted; in order to meet demands of enhancement in characteristics of product, we launch trainings and purchase hardware and software for customer synchronization; in future, we will integrate different work from the upstream and to the downstream based on years of production technology accumulated, so as to make diversified precision parts create affordable prices.

We offer services as follows:

1.Hardware consecutive mold design/production 2.Metal stamping 3.Plating for a variety of materials
4.Parts riveting 5.Laser Welding/Engraving  
7.Parts spot welding 8.Product assembly