Environmental Policy

Chi Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd

Chi Cheng sets up sustainable operation as the main objectives, and as a part of the global village, Chi Cheng Group has an in-depth understanding that good practices in environmental-protection is the due responsibility and commitment every citizen shall have, so as to cherish natural ecology and resources, thereby enhance quality of environment and create beauty of our environment.

We will implement following environmental policies:

  • Comply with laws and regulations relevant with environmental protection and other customer requirements such as RoHS/REACH/GP/GHS.
  • Effectively control degrees of pollutants generated and discharged from manufacturing operations, also constantly improve and prevent pollution.
  • Make full efforts to promote energy saving and consumption of resources.
  • Educate employees and staffs working for us to understand that environmental protection is a responsibility every member living in such a global village needs to share and enforce its jobs.